File an S election

Now that you have your EIN, you can file your S election by filling out form 2553 here. Unfortunately, there's no web form.

Here are a few tips for form 2553:

The addresses and fax numbers to send the form to are on the IRS instructions page.

You can sign form 2553 (and any other document) online; we recommend using Dropbox Sign. If you're the only one signing, you don't have to worry about many aspects of electronic signature laws that Dropbox Sign handles, and you can use tools that come with your computer. On a Mac, you can follow these instructions to fill out and sign forms in the Preview app. On a PC, here are similar instructions for Edge.

Once it's signed, you can fax the form with GotFreeFax. Save a copy in your Business Documents folder (scan it if you signed on paper). And when you get your confirmation from the IRS, scan and save that too.